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Q&A with Karlon Johnson: Examining How Stroke Patients Perceive Hospital Discharge Education

October 11, 2023

Karlon Johnson Jr., MPH, of the University of Miami is researching patient views on the educational materials given to them when they are discharged from the hospital.

When patients are released from the hospital, they are provided with information to help guide their recovery. After a stroke, for example, hospitals send patients home with educational materials on medication, diet, exercise, and substance use cessation, as well as schedule them a follow-up appointment.

Karlon Johnson Jr., MPH, a student at the University of Miami, received a PhRMA Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship in Value Assessment-Health Outcomes Research for his research examining patient views on these materials and whether they affect patient behavior.

Johnson surveyed acute stroke patients on whether they received sufficient discharge education and whether this information increased healthy behaviors and reduced death, rehospitalization, or emergency room readmission. He will also assess the results by race/ethnicity because racial disparities in post-stroke outcomes are prevalent in the United States.

Watch this video to learn about Johnson and his research.

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