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Application Process

How to Apply

The PhRMA Foundation uses ProposalCentral for its application process, including for submission of letters of intent (where required) and the full application.

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Step 1: Review Program Guidelines

Carefully read the program guidelines and timeline for your research area of interest and award type. Each program and award type have specific eligibility criteria, funding limitations, and application requirements.

Step 2: Submit Letter of Intent (LOI)

Only the Drug Discovery and Drug Delivery programs require an LOI submission. LOIs must include a 600-word project description, responses to research impact questions, and the applicant’s biosketch. PhRMA Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee members review the LOIs and select the candidates who will be invited to submit a full application.

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Step 3: Complete Full Application

Applications require a biosketch, extended letter, research plan, research impact questions, and letters of support. Consult each program’s guidelines for specific requirements and eligibility criteria. Remember to begin your application early so your references have ample time to meet the deadline.

Step 4: Award Selection

PhRMA Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee members review and score each application and sometimes provide comments. The top scoring applications are discussed by the broader committee, which determines the applicants who will receive funding. Awardees will be notified by via email based on the individual program timelines.

Application Timeline

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November 2023

Translational Medicine and VA-HOR Applications Open

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February 2024

Translational Medicine and VA-HOR Application Deadline

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March 2024

Drug Discovery and Delivery LOIs Open

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May 2024

Drug Discovery and Delivery LOI Deadline