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Researcher Stories

Get to know the PhRMA Foundation’s award recipients.

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Designing New Opioids With Fewer Harmful Side Effects

Dr. Nokomis Ramos-Gonzalez received a PhRMA Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship for her research aiming to create new painkillers with fewer negative side effects.

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Targeting RNA Assembly to Reverse Treatment Resistance in Prostate Cancer

In his research, Marek Zorawski, a graduate student at Duke University, is targeting a process called RNA splicing to improve outcomes for treatment-resistant prostate cancer.

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Exploring the Role of Bile Acids in Colon Cancer

Dr. Ting Fu is researching the link between bile acid dysregulation in the gut and metabolic-related diseases such as colon cancer.

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Developing a Therapeutic for Faster Stroke Treatment

Carol Morris, a graduate student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, is developing a multi-use therapeutic that can be delivered to patients faster after stroke.

Awardee Spotlight

Xiaoshu Pan, PhD

  • University of Florida

“I am truly grateful for the support of PhRMA Foundation to advance our technology for developing advanced gene therapy. It’s a recognition of the potential impact my work can have on gene delivery. I am excited about the possibilities it brings for my future endeavors in advancing gene therapy.”

Bolstering Neurons’ Ability to Resist the Hallmarks of Aging

MIT graduate student Alex LeNail’s research aims to prevent the onset of brain diseases by fortifying the ability of neurons to maintain their health during aging.