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Xiyin Wang, MS

Wang_Xiyin PDDS24
Predoctoral Fellowship in Drug Discovery, 2024 Mayo Clinic

CTPS1: An Unexplored Vulnerability in Breast and Ovarian Cancer


Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) and ovarian cancer remain among the most lethal malignancies in women, largely due to an overall lack of effective therapeutic options. To address this clinical gap, I sought to identify specific molecular dependencies shared between TNBC and ovarian cancer. CTPS1 was identified as a top candidate given its robust expression in most TNBC and ovarian cancer cell lines and patient tumors and since it was found to be essential for the survival of TNBC and ovarian cancer cells in genome-wide CRISPR screens. Using a novel CTPS1 inhibitor (STP938) which is being evaluated in clinical trials for lymphoma, I discovered the promising activity of this molecule in multiple TNBC and ovarian cancer cell lines and patient-derived models. Here, I aim to further investigate STP938 as a viable treatment for TNBC and ovarian cancer patients and to identify the genetic, molecular, and biological profiles that drive sensitivity and resistance to this compound.

I am truly grateful for the support of PhRMA Foundation to advance our technology for developing advanced gene therapy products. It's a recognition of the potential impact my work can have on the field of drug discovery. I am excited about the possibilities it brings for my future endeavors and contributing to innovative and advanced therapeutics to benefit patients.

Xiyin Wang