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Si-Sim Kang, MS

Kang Si-Sim_PDDL24
Predoctoral Fellowship in Drug Delivery, 2024 Johns Hopkins University

Novel Nanoparticle-Based Artificial Antigen Presenting Cells to Expand Antigen-Specific Human CD4 T Cells for Immunotherapy


CD4 T cells participate in anti-tumor immune responses, recruiting innate immune cells, direct lysis of tumor cells, and assisting CD8 activation. CD4 T cell-based adoptive cell transfer (ACT) therapies have clinical success across multiple cancer types, including metastatic melanoma and epithelial cancer. One of the challenges of CD4 T cell-based ACT therapy is finding methods to expand tumor antigen-specific T cells ex vivo. Therefore, engineering artificial platforms for antigen-specific T cell expansion is critical since it provides greater control over studying T cell biology and has significant translational relevance. We developed a nanoscale platform that expands murine and human antigen-specific T cells in vitro and in vivo. This platform allows us to study the effector and helper function of CD4 T cells through precise tuning of material parameters, including shape, size, stiffness, and ligand patterning.

Receiving the award not only validates my contributions to advancing immunotherapy but also symbolizes a significant milestone in breaking barriers, fostering diversity, and inspiring future generations of underrepresented scientists.

Si-Sim Kang

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