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Welcome to the PhRMA Foundation’s Blog

By: PhRMA Foundation October 24, 2019

To blog or not to blog?  We decided – let’s do it!

There are so many exciting developments in the world of research and innovation, and the PhRMA Foundation is thrilled to be on the frontier of so many promising healthcare initiatives.

We have been working to build an ever-growing pool of the best and the brightest scientists to meet the growing needs of scientific and academic institutions, government and the research-intensive pharmaceutical industry by awarding competitive research fellowships and grants for more than 50 years.

At a time when health care is changing rapidly and when research innovations are critical, we believe it’s important to showcase the work of these science leaders. That’s why we are launching this blog, which will share noteworthy research and give readers an in-depth look at the myriad ways scientists are redefining conventional approaches to America’s health care delivery continuum.

We begin with our Value Assessment Initiative, a major project we created to encourage the development of new, innovative approaches to determine the true value of health care treatments.

To that, please take time to peruse a commentary by Dr. Susan dosReis, Director of Patient-Driven Values in Healthcare Evaluation (PAVE) at the University of Maryland, who recently wrote about the need for greater inclusion of the patient voice within value assessment in Managed Care Magazine. You can also learn about the work of Dr. Jon Campbell from the University of Colorado’s Center on Pharmaceutical Value (pValue), who discussed his team’s research into using multi-criteria decision analysis to evaluate healthcare treatments with the American Journal for Managed Care.

And mark your calendars for November 12th 2019 when we will showcase PhRMA Foundation supported value assessment research at our upcoming conference, The Next Generation of Value Assessment: Including the Patient Voice. Jointly sponsored by the National Health Council, the conference will be held in Washington, DC and feature newly appointed Josephine P. BriggsM.D., Interim Executive Director at PCORI as our keynote speaker.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from subject matter experts, including representatives from the PhRMA Foundation’s four Centers of Excellence and recipients of the Foundation’s 2019 Challenge Awards about new approaches to value assessment that embrace the patient perspective.

And keep an eye out for blogs next month when we bring you more news on what the PhRMA Foundation is doing to advance research into the value assessment frontier.