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Victor Ejigah, MS

Predoctoral Fellowship in Drug Delivery, 2022 Howard University

Development of a Novel Nanoparticle Cocktail for HER2+ Breast Cancer Treatment


Cancers are generally difficult to treat, but the treatment of HER2+ breast cancer is particularly challenging. This cancer type grows and spreads quickly to other parts of the body, including the brain. Treatment requires a cocktail of medications; however, these medicines can cause serious side effects on healthy tissues. My research is focused on designing a medication delivery system that carries a combination of three drugs to the cancer site. Two of the three drugs will be embedded in nanoparticles to prevent contact with healthy tissues, thereby improving the medicine’s safety profile. The third drug (a monoclonal antibody) will be used to “decorate” the surface of the nanoparticles. The expected outcome of this delivery system is to improve the efficacy, safety, and compliance in HER2+ breast cancer treatment.

As an international student, receiving the PhRMA Foundation predoctoral grant was a life-changing experience. It provided a real boost to my morale and has given me the laser focus required for the cutting-edge research I am undertaking. With these funds I can be completely dedicated to the laboratory component of my thesis, enabling me to spend time on my dissertation and manuscripts to advance my career.

Victor Ejigah

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