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Udim Damachi

Damachi Udim PDVH24
Predoctoral Fellowship in Value Assessment and Health Outcomes Research, 2024 University of Maryland, Baltimore

The Utilization and Effectiveness of Neurohormonal Inhibitors in Preventing Anthracycline-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Breast Cancer Patients Using Real-World Data


The use of anthracycline therapy in breast cancer patients has been associated with cardiotoxicity which can present as heart failure. To protect the heart, the use of medications such as angiotensin-II receptor Blockers (ARB), and ß-blockers (BB)) are recommended as a preventive strategy alongside anthracycline therapy. However, there’s not a lot of solid proof for the use of these medications because the studies done so far have been in small groups of people and didn’t include people with heart issues. To overcome this limitation, the objective of this study is to examine the use of ARB or BBs in preventing heart failure in early breast cancer patients, using real-world data.

The PhRMA Foundation grant holds immense significance for my future because it provides invaluable support and recognition for my research. This fellowship provides me with the opportunity to enhance my abilities as an independent researcher and advance my dissertation research focused on providing evidence for the effective management and prevention of cardiac adverse outcomes in breast cancer patients.

Udim Damachi

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