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Sara Khor

Predoctoral Fellowship in Value Assessment and Health Outcomes Research, 2022 University of Washington

Incorporating Equity into Health Care Decision-Making Around New Cancer Treatments


New cancer drugs have increased longevity and quality of life of many people, but concerns have been raised that these advances do not benefit everyone equally, leading to inequities. The first part of my research examines the extent to which there is a tradeoff between racial equity, financial wellbeing, and overall health improvement when new cancer drugs are introduced. I will also explore how this tradeoff varies with drug prices. The results will provide evidence to support the inclusion of health and financial equity in cancer drug pricing and coverage policies in the United States. After a new cancer treatment becomes available, there remains the challenge of deciding who should receive the treatment. Clinical prediction algorithms can guide these often complex treatment decisions. The second part of my research seeks to understand whether the explicit consideration of race/ethnicity in these clinical prediction algorithms will reduce racial health disparities. The study results will support the development of clinical prediction algorithms that ensure equitable treatment decisions for all.

I am very honored to receive the PhRMA Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship in Health Outcomes Research.  This award will support my current research that focuses on racial equity in health care decisions and help me establish a career in health economics and outcomes research. 

Sara Khor