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Norah Crossnohere, PhD

Wexner Medical Center
Faculty Starter Grant in Value Assessment and Health Outcomes Research, 2023 The Ohio State University

Evaluating Racial Differences in Preferences for Multi-Cancer Early Detection Tests


Multi-cancer early detection tests (MCEDs) are the next frontier of cancer screening, with the potential to identify up to 50 types of cancer from a single blood sample. There is hope that they could increase screening rates among Black patients, who bear a disproportionate cancer burden.

The overarching goal of my research project is to measure patient preferences for the use of MCEDs and compare preferences across racial groups. Through a literature review, patient interviews, and expert consultation, we will first identify factors that may affect patients’ decisions to use MCEDs, such as the benefits, risks, and uncertainties surrounding the tests. We will use this information to create a discrete-choice experiment in which patients make decisions in hypothetical scenarios about MCEDs. This allows us to measure and compare patient preferences across a racially representative group of patients and a Black/African American group of patients. This study will inform MCED developers and regulators about what outcomes and tradeoffs are acceptable to diverse patients.

 I could not be more excited to receive the PhRMA Foundation Faculty Starter Grant. It is a huge milestone in my professional career and will support much needed research into preferences and equity for multi-cancer early detection tests.

Norah Crossnohere