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Kimberly M. Deininger, MPH

Kimberly Deininger PDHO19
Predoctoral Fellowship in Health Outcomes, 2019 University of Colorado

Clinical Utility of Pharmacogenomics in Solid Organ Transplantation


A major obstacle impeding the translation of pharmacogenomic testing, also known as drug-gene testing, to the transplant setting is the lack of data demonstrating its clinical utility, or its relevance and usefulness in post-transplant care. To address this gap in knowledge, this study will use a multifaceted approach to evaluate the clinical utility of pharmacogenomic testing following solid organ transplantation. First, this study will evaluate provider perspectives regarding the clinical utility of pharmacogenomic testing in kidney, liver, lung, and heart transplantation using a national web-based survey. Second, this study will estimate the association between time in therapeutic drug range for tacrolimus, a commonly used immunosuppressant post-transplant, and acute kidney injury or acute organ rejection, in kidney, liver, lung, and heart transplant recipients in the first six months post-transplant. Finally, this study will conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis comparing tacrolimus-induced adverse effects and short-term costs associated with pharmacogenomic-guided therapy vs. standard-of-care guided therapy in kidney, liver, lung, and heart transplant recipients. Together, this study will address a major unmet need in the transplant community – evaluation of the clinical utility of pharmacogenomic testing – and will help advance personalized treatment strategies in solid organ transplant recipients.

I am honored to be a recipient of the PhRMA Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship in Health Outcomes. This award has been instrumental for advancing both my research and professional development. It has allowed me to focus my efforts on completing my dissertation work, pursue additional trainings as needed, and disseminate my work’s findings through publications and academic conferences.

Kimberly M. Deininger

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