Application Deadline : 2014-09-01

Pharmacology/toxicology awards support career-development activities of scientists prepared to engage in research that integrates information on molecular or cellular mechanisms of action with information on the effects of an agent observed in an intact organism, either in experimental animal or clinical studies or both.

The highest priority will be given to applications for research that attempts to integrate information on the mechanism of action of a drug or chemical at the molecular or cellular level with the drug effect observed in a human or laboratory animal. An applicant is expected to describe the significance of a hypothesis being tested in the context of potential influences of biochemical, physiological, behavioral, or social systems.

The intent of these programs is to encourage multidisciplinary training designed to bring the perspective of molecular, cell and systems biology to bear on research in pharmacology and toxicology. The scope of these programs includes basic studies of drug action, detection of cellular responses to drugs at the gene level that create opportunities to optimize individualized drug therapy, and the corresponding evaluation of pharmaceuticals in human and clinical populations. Research projects to extend or develop the proprietary value of specific drugs are not acceptable. This exclusion does not preclude research in which specific drug products are used to test hypotheses that have general applicability.

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